STAAR is committed to providing our sponsors with the opportunities and recognition they deserve in a unique and unparalleled atmosphere of collaboration and community!

As you’ve likely heard or know first-hand, one of the characteristics that makes STAAR so unique is that we carefully consider the feedback we receive from our participants, exhibitors, instructors and staff, each year when structuring our new programs. With our continued growth in size and demand, we continue to evolve in an effort to optimize the value of your investment as sponsors. That being said, you will notice that we have introduced some new offerings for additional brand and product recognition, corporate good will, and interaction with your target markets.

Exhibitor & Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether you’re launching a new product, showcasing a current special, or connecting with peers and customers, we offer the opportunities that will shine the spotlight on you! Additionally there are now two exhibitor options available - Premier Vendor Registration* and Hamilton Exhibit Hall Registration. 

*The Premier Vendor Registrations are limited, and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Click here for all Exhibitor & Sponsorship Opportunities  ---> (Note for Ilaria - Link to Exhibit & Sponsor page which is the original Sponsorship page that you asked me to re-label.)

Advertising Opportunities

New for 2019 is the full-color Conference Program & Resource Guide. This is an exceptional Marketing opportunity for your organization to reach thousands of people in your target audience! (Notes for Ilaria - maybe add more info here about the 3500 plus people we'll send to, etc)

Click here for all Advertising Opportunities ---> (Link to to Advertising page I will create)

So per your feedback, this can be the main Sponsorships page off of the main menu and then the two categories above link to an Exhibit & Sponsor page and an Advertising page like the site you like. Plus we move the 2019 Sponsor page back over here. Maybe more changes to this page too - have to think about it. Gotta run now. Or we can undo these changes easily and put it back to the way it was.