This page is dedicated to our wonderful Dog Volunteers who have since passed away. Their presence made us better in every way, and we miss them dearly. Thank you for being with us!

"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."  ~Helen Keller


Charlie was a long-time STAAR volunteer with his mom, Joanne Pacheco. He was known for his sweet nature, perfect manners and willingness to please. Charlie will be missed at the STAAR conferences as well as the cocktail parties where he could often be seen sporting a lei or mardi gras beads. 


Cy was a teddy bear of a dog whose mild mannered nature earned him countless beloved friends wherever his many travels took him. He bravely overcame many medical challenges and enjoyed three incredible years after an osteosarcoma diagnosis. He will be forever loved and missed by his mom, Kelli Clark.


Pawlee was a special boy with the gift to charm everyone he met. Born blind, with a deformed leg, he overcame much and excelled as a pet therapy and reading assistance dog. He was also  a superstar foster dad, helping raise many puppies, often with special needs. His mom, Carla Boyd, and little sister, Tribble, miss him dearly and celebrate his life everyday!


Marley shared his life  and love with Lisa Dos Passos and many rescued brothers and sisters. Marley was a true gentleman who will always be remembered for his sweet disposition and that adorable hanging tongue!


Myrtle  was a gentle giant with a beautiful, sweet face. Both she and her mom, Amy Flannery, have been longtime STAAR volunteers. We will always remember Myrtle's kind personality and soulful eyes.


Eowyn "Wynny"  was a sweet pup whose  love of people made her a willing, patient and kind "teacher" in our workshops. Although she was taken much too early, Wynny will live on in each of those she  touched, including mom Keri Evers and family.


Reagan was a regal boy, who shared his life and love with mom, Joy Cappucci. He was a sweet, loyal pup, as well as an American Champion from a long line of champion Airedales.


Bravo  was a sweet and handsome boy who was an excellent volunteer, along with his sister Bubbles and mom Anita Schmidt. Although he was only with STAAR for one year, he made a big impact on those who worked with him.


Austin was Ashley Tripodi’s best friend. He was a champion show dog, but also so much more than that. He absolutely loved the beach, swimming and just being outside.  Austin was a character who always made those around him smile and laugh.


Copper shared his life and love with mom Catharine Longendyck and younger brother Buck. The beautiful dark red Copper and his brother have both been wonderful STAAR volunteers!

Murphy "The Tongue" had a very kind, loving soul. According to his dad, David Cila, if the rest of the world was like Murphy, it'd be a much better place.  His memory is a constant reminder for us to be compassionate and tenderhearted.


Lokai was known as a "bringer of joy" to everyone he met. According to his mom, Janis Gianforte, Lokai was the sweetest, smartest and most well-traveled dog ever. Everyone that met him loved his gentle nature and willingness to please.


Sammy considered every person and animal he met as a friend. According to his mom, Fran Crocco, he was a sweet and happy boy who loved absolutely everyone. Sammy loved to travel with his family and sleep by the fire. He is missed dearly.


Lexi was a strong and loving pup, always happy and never letting her degenerative disease stop her. According to her mom Erika Lorenzo, Lexi was an amazing reminder of how strong, innocent, and beautiful animals really are.

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