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STAAR is a unique, "boutique-style" conference for veterinarians and animal rehabilitation professionals. Our aim is to bring to you the most advanced courses in rehabilitation and sports medicine taught by the leaders and pioneers in the field.  Some of our exceptional instructors have included Laurie Edge-Hughes, Ria and David Acciani, Dr. Julia Tomlinson, Drs. Sherman and Debra Canapp, Dr. Rick Wall, Debbie (Gross) Torraca, Amie Hesbach, Dr. Andrea Looney, Dr. Felix Duerr, and many more!


Our unique method of education focuses on hands-on, practical experience using live animals. We have a huge network of animal volunteers (80-100 dogs participate in STAAR), which ensures the ability to practice newly-learned skills on your target population.  Indeed, STAAR is the conference that offers the most hands-on, practical training!  Explore new concepts, techniques, and treatments in rehabilitation and sports medicine with like-minded professionals in an intimate and informal setting.


1. STAAR allows you to choose the course(s) that best meet your needs and

schedule. No need to register for the entire Conference; pick the course(s)

that are most relevant to you. STAAR is . . . Your Conference Your Way!

2. Workshops are limited to 15–25 participants, to allow for intimate, highly-

focused  labs with lots of personal attention.

3. STAAR has a large network of animal volunteers that include performance/

competition and service animals, as well as family pets and animals with

relevant injuries or disorders.

4. Most workshops are non-sponsored - they promote independent and

balanced activities that are readily accepted by the rehab community and free

from commercial bias (sponsored courses are clearly labeled on the

Registration Form).

5. We feel that the most effective way to learn is in a nurturing and welcoming

environment. We take the time to know and listen to our participants' needs. 

We encourage feedback and open communication. After all, STAAR is designed

with your needs in mind.  Have an idea for an awesome workshop?  Want to

teach with us at an upcoming conference?  Need some information? 

Contact us directly at:


★         Basic Course: Designed for participants who desire a basic understanding or knowledge of the topic or skills. 

            Participants will find the course basic/introductory.

★★     Intermediate Course: Participants assume a solid foundation and understanding of the topic and skills, and desire more

            advanced training. 

            Participants will find this course moderately challenging. 

★★★ Challenging Course: Presentation includes advanced skills and cutting edge techniques that assumes a thorough

           understanding of the topic and consistency in ability to apply foundational skills and clinical reasoning.

           Prerequisites may apply. 



  • Workshop choices are on a first-come, first-served basis, and are honored when full payment is received and processed.

  • Participants receive a confirmation e-mail with course schedule once payment is made in full.

  • Certificates of Attendance with documented contact hours are awarded upon successful completion of selected courses and can be used for C.E.U. verification and credits. These will be e-mailed to each Participant by December 1, 2023.

  • Participants are required to sign a Release of Liability upon arrival and registration at STAAR.

  • Workshops are cancelled if less than 10 participants enroll by August 31, 2023.

  • Dates, locations, instructors and/or costs are subject to change.

  • Requests for refunds must be submitted via the Workshop Cancellation Form.

  • STAAR refunds are not issued for late arrivals or absenteeism and are non-transferable.

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