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The Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation (STAAR) provides continuing, interactive, practical education for veterinary professionals and rehabilitation therapists. 


Started in 2010 and held each Spring in Florham Park, New Jersey, STAAR offers a unique variety of continuing education experiences designed to meet individual needs including:

  • all-day and mini-workshops with live animals

  • scientific lectures & presentations

  • product education sessions

  • roundtable discussion groups


STAAR workshops are taught by leaders in the field of veterinary rehabilitation and physical therapy, and provide hands-on, practical experience with live animals (1 animal for every 3-4 participants).  Classes are small to maximize learning and assure individual attention.


The STAAR experience is uniquely informal and cooperative, providing an open forum for discussing cases, advances, and innovations that are relevant to the field of animal rehabilitation. STAAR welcomes suggestions and feedback regarding all facets of its program.  Community input is critical for its development and we encourage participants to contact us with constructive criticism and ideas.  STAAR is a reflection of its community's needs and goals. 

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