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Dog Volunteer Testimonials

What do our dog volunteers and their parents think of STAAR? Here, they tell us in their own words...

"My dogs have been attending the STAAR Conference for several years. Besides being one of the most organized events I have attended, the experience is always extremely positive for both myself and my dogs. The workshop participants have always been gentle and kind to my dogs. The instructors are very attentive to the participants' handling of the canine volunteers to make sure the dogs are being handled correctly. If people have the time, I would highly recommend they volunteer their dogs for this program." - Karen S. and Cyder & Takoda, Rottweilers

"I want to thank you so much for allowing Mickey & I to participate in this educational conference. I have a new Mickey because of the wonderful people who evaluated and repaired my broken dog. I had no idea he was suffering with a dislocated rib and all the extra aches and pains associated with it. Honestly his head extends at least 2" beyond what it was prior to adjustment. I am so looking forward to next year's conference and want to participate as much as Mickey will allow. Again thank you for Mickey's success story." - Elaine B. and Mickey, Siberian Husky

"Charlie and I have been at the annual STAAR conference for a number of years. It is a fabulous experience for both dogs and owners. For me, it has been an opportunity to have many professional hands on Charlie, assessing and treating. The participants have all been so kind and caring. Charlie is always better walking out of a session than he was going in. Thank you, STAAR, for letting us be a part of your terrific conference!" – Joanne P. and Charlie, Shetland Sheepdog

"Leroy, our brindle Boxer boy has been attending STAAR for about 5 years now. His physical therapist recommended him to be a demo dog since he loves the attention! He has participated in many different classes over the years including casting, massage, treadmill, and therapeutic exercise. He really enjoys having the physical therapists palpate and/or stretch his muscles. We thoroughly enjoy volunteering and wish we had more time to be able to stay longer." - Diane C. and Leroy, Boxer


"I'd like to commend the organizers of this important event for being so warm and welcoming, as well as being very concerned for the welfare of the volunteer dogs and the handlers. It was great!" - Carla B. and Pawlee & Tribble, Akita and French Bulldog/Shih-Tzu mix

"STAAR was one of the most educational experiences I have had. As a professional in the area of training & behavior, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I can honestly say it was a wonderfully enlightening few days. Charlie and I were welcomed with such professionalism and we were both given the opportunity to learn in an unhurried and relaxed environment - it really made for an incredible and extraordinary experience. We can't wait to go back." - Nicole R.  and Charlie, German Shepherd Mix

"Cashmere and I have enjoyed volunteering at STAAR for the past few years. The folks are fabulous and sitting in on the lectures has been very informative for me. I feel it's a win-win for all of us. The participants get to practice techniques on a very willing subject and it's good for Cashmere to learn to trust more people. We both look forward to the conference each year which is very well organized and run. Overall, it's a wonderful experience and time well spent in the service of our beloved pets. We are grateful to all of you!" - Kathy K. and Cashmere, Belgian Malinois

"Over the last several years, I have had the privileged opportunity to volunteer with my dogs at STAAR. We all enjoy helping others further their careers and potentially making advancements that benefit healing animals. Both dogs have enjoyed the opportunity to meet others and participate. Frankly speaking, they are gluttons for attention and tremendously enjoy the techniques used upon them. The professionals at STAAR are top notch, caring and attentive to their needs. We are thrilled to be part of this and future events." - David C. and Hopper & Murphy, Boston Terriers

"Learning, Growing, Contributing: Jeter and I are honored to volunteer each year at the annual STAAR conference. It is wonderful to be able to assist Canine Rehabilitation professionals in their quest to learn, grow and contribute along this amazing career path." – Denise G. and Jeter, Rottweiler

"Thank you for a good two days at STAAR. Bravo and I very much liked the Interactive Case management session. The feedback was very good for me and the assessment of Bravo and what exercises I could perform at home were invaluable. You really did a great job of organizing, as well as making all very comfortable.” - Anita S. and Bravo, German Shepherd

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