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STAAR is the leading conference in the field of canine rehabilitation and physical therapy. It is comprised of a variety of interactive, rehab-centered workshops, and is attended by veterinary professionals from around the world.  Workshops are taught by leaders and pioneers in the field of veterinary rehabilitation, physical therapy, pain management, sports medicine, and fitness.  STAAR workshops have included courses in massage therapy, therapeutic exercise and conditioning, gait analysis, neurological rehabilitation, spinal injury and rehab, orthotic devices, aquatic therapy, and myofascial techniques, to name a few.  

To optimize learning, STAAR provides interactive, hands-on, practical labs using dog volunteers. These volunteers and their handlers are pivotal to the success of STAAR. Our veterinary participants benefit greatly from being able to work with your dog, and this experience helps to make them better clinicians. STAAR instructors and participants are some of the best veterinarians and physical therapists in the world and they take a personal approach to the care of your dog.  It goes without saying that dogs are not harmed in any way and many dogs actually benefit from treatments.

To be eligible for volunteering, dogs must be comfortable in the presence of people and other dogs.  They should be able to be gently handled and comfortable with having their paws touched and their limbs guided through controlled movements to assess range of motion, tightness, or discomfort.  With the exception of the puppy workshops, dog volunteers must be at least nine months old. Healthy dogs as well as those with medical issues are welcome and provide an invaluable learning experience for our participants.


Dog handlers can volunteer for one or more workshops.  All of our classrooms are fully carpeted and have water bowls and wholesome treats.  Light snacks and drinks will also be provided for you. There is a nice outdoor area where you can walk your dog and poop bags are available on premises.  We do not permit dog handlers under the age of 18.  Thank you. 

If you are interested in volunteering with your dog at STAAR, please complete the STAAR DOG VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM


"STAAR is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn new therapies and for my pups to be worked on by great rehab professionals.  We love it and we thank STAAR for the opportunity to be a part of it"

D. Terrosi, Dog handler and volunteer

View the slideshow below to see more of our amazing dog volunteers!

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