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TITLE: Myofascial Release: Practical Application for Small Animals 

HOURS:  Thurs., Sept. 28, 8:30am - 12:45pm OR Thurs., Sept. 28, 2:15pm - 6:30pm


MAX PARTICIPANTS: 20  3 Spots Remaining 

CONTACT HOURS: (4.0 RACE-approved)


DESCRIPTION: This course provides an introduction to myofascial release as taught by John F. Barnes, PT. We review fascia as a system in the body, and how it is impacted by trauma and inflammation. Fascia provides support and structure to the body, yet when it becomes tight and restricted, ramifications can spread far beyond the original affected location. Participants learn several techniques to apply to a wide variety of conditions and populations, and how to immediately practice them in person with our volunteer canine patients. Myofascial release is a tool that anyone can add to their toolbox, and compliments other manual therapy techniques. Dr. Moe is an experienced practitioner of John F. Barnes MFR both with humans and animals, and has been utilizing the approach for over 13 years in her practice.

Myofascial Release Application for Small Animals

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  • Jenny Moe, PT, MS, DPT, CCRT Owner, Doggon' Wheels Owner, Pawesome PT/ Moe Love MFR VP, APTA APTSIG San Francisco, California, US

    Dr. Jenny is a licensed human physical therapist of 20 years and earned her certification in canine rehabilitation 13 years ago from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI). In 2009, Dr. Jenny left pediatrics to work in a busy specialty veterinary practice in the San Francisco Bay Area (SAGE Veterinary Centers), where she built up the rehab practice to two locations. She moved on to open a practice (Pawesome PT) in the South Lake Tahoe region in 2018 in Stateline, NV where she stayed until the pandemic led them back to San Francisco in 2020.

    Dr. Jenny now focuses on a mobile manual therapy practice and Doggon' Wheels in the San Francisco area. Dr. Jenny is excited to pair her love for assistive devices, senior pets, and creative solutions with the business. She has a passion for educating the veterinary world and the public about the benefits of early use of assistive aids for a wide variety of patients, and undoing the belief that impaired mobility is "the end of the road/last resort".

    Dr. Jenny is well-known among her colleagues for her creative treatment approaches and solutions to tailor ideas to individual cases.

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