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  • Observe and audit workshops in canine rehabilitation and physical therapy led by the leaders and pioneers in the field  

  • Observe treatments on live dogs - workshops are performed with live dogs to add and enhance practical skills and techniques 

  • While on break, explore the Exhibit Hall and learn about the tools, modalities, services, and products used in the canine rehabilitative environment

  • Meet canine rehabilitation practitioners (PTs, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians) who are well-established and respected in the field, and make valuable connections



Roundtable discussion is geared toward assisting human PTs in transitioning to working with canines in a veterinary physical therapy and rehabilitation setting (PT-only class)

Workshop observation/audit space is limited to 5 students per class and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Roundtable Discussion Group is limited to 40 students.  Workshop notes are available for an additional fee.  Courses do not provide continuing education credits for students.  Students are not permitted to handle live animals and are asked to observe only; questions/comments should be saved for class breaks.  Not all STAAR workshops are available for this program so please refer to this Registration Form only.  Limit 2 workshop selections per student (does not include Roundtable Discussion).  


If you are a human physical therapist, a physical therapy student, or a veterinary medicine student interested in learning about canine rehabilitation, then take a look at our Student Program.

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